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What's the World (Live, Glasgow 1985)

re-pub #o1 - October 2023

A curated collection of articles on design matters from a ‘design essentialist’ perspective. At re-pub we thought an antidote was in order to counter the seemingly all-pervasive shoe-horning of political ideology into design practice, discourse and criticism.

To that effect, gathered here are writers whose work puts their belief in design as a positive social and cultural activity at the centre of their thinking.

As the title of this collection suggests, these articles are being given a deserved and necessary ‘second wind’ because all imply a call for writing about design to focus first on the craft of design as a necessary precondition to understanding the role of design and the designer, and more broadly the transformative potential and impact of design as we know it, on culture and society.

We intend to produce 3 or 4 issues of re-pub annually from 2024.

If you have any suggestions or would like to submit your own work for republication, we would love to hear from you.

To directly receive future issues email

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What's the World (live, Glasgow 1985)


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